Welcome to Grief’s Journey

Welcome to Grief’s Journey, where our primary focus is on the bereavement for the loss of a spouse and life partner.

Our commonality is our journey through grief. It unites us in our desire to find the tools to cope with our loss and manage our grief. It unites us in our hope to discover the means to incorporate our loved one’s death into our living. It unites us as we remember and cherish the life and the love shared with one we so sorely miss.

On the Resources pages, there are links to Internet resources you may find useful for issues relating to spousal grief, as well as issues relating to other types of bereavement.

While those grieving the loss of their spouse may find many of the listed resources useful, the most helpful resource may be found in the Discussion Board. Please visit the Discussion Board to read the exchanges of the members of Grief’s Journey. Just as others have discovered, you too may discover that comfort and assistance can be found among those who completely “get it” through their own experience of spousal loss.

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